The Proposal

Stacey & Nathan have a great story: high school friends reconnecting years later and falling in love. One story within their story is how Nathan popped the big question. I've heard many cool proposal stories but what fascinated me about this one is that besides asking Stacey to spend the rest of her life was him Nathan's intent was to involve the future generation of their family (their young nieces and nephews) in the proposal so that would be able say that they were apart of a special moment in their families history. I really dig that. Stacey & Nathan are two stand up people and it was a privilege helping to tell their story.


Lisa & Tony

A very big congratulations to Lisa and Tony. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your big day. It was an absolute pleasure capturing every special moment. We hope that every time you watch your wedding video that you'll remember all the joy (and craziness) that the day provided. We here at Family Storytellers wish you the best.


Love and Marriage and Editing

My wife is really creative. And as creative as she is, she is also pretty lucky to be married to a video guy. Whenever special occasions or holidays roll around she always comes up with great video ideas to present to the family. So when it's a few days before Mother's Day and she says "I have an idea." I know two things are going to happen. One, I'm not getting any sleep for the rest of the week. And two, her mom will be crying at some point on Mother's Day. She wrote a short script called "5 Reasons Why I Love My Mom." It was simple, honest, humorous and made for a fun video. We are both happy to share the final product. I know folks who cringe at the thought of working with their spouse, but I can honestly say that collaborating with my wife is always enjoyable...even when we have creative differences.


My Angels Watching The Angels

Tonight it was just me and my two boys. Guys night! We live about 10 minutes away from Angel Stadium so I decided to take them to the ball game. They're young'ns with short attention spans so the game didn't keep their interest for very long, but with walking around the stadium and playing out front, the night was still super fun.


The Very Beginning

I've been shooting weddings for over 6 years now. I've had the opportunity of being apart of a lot of special days and have been able to capture many meaningful moments. But last year when I had the privilege of working with Keila and Erick on their wedding video I was given a rare opportunity; something I'd never done before. I was able to capture the actual wedding proposal, which happened over a year before the wedding ceremony. In most cases a wedding video will start at the beginning of the couple's big day, when they are preparing for the ceremony. I LOVED starting Keila and Erick's video truly at the very beginning. They were both very grateful for the work I put into their video. But I have to say that I was the one thanking them for giving me such a special opportunity.